Treasuring Jesus

  For the past few months, as part of my devotions, I’ve been meditating on  small portions of a book called Heaven On Earth, by the Puritan pastor Thomas Brooks. This morning, I was in a section in which he insisted that knowledge about Jesus should be a heart-affecting knowledge, that “doth wonderfully endear Christ and the things of Christ to the soul.”  Listen and drink deeply:          

             ‘My heart is taken with Christ, it is raised and ravished with His love; my soul is burning, my soul is beating towards Christ. Oh, none but Christ, none but Christ!  I cannot live in myself, I cannot live in my duties, I cannot live in external privileges, I cannot live in outward mercies, I cannot live in common providences; I can only live in Christ, who is my life, my love, my joy, my crown, my all in all.  Oh, the hearing of Christ affects me, the seeing of Christ affects me, the taste of Christ affects me, the glimmerings of Christ affect me.  The more I come to know Him in His natures, in His names, in His offices, in His discoveries, in His appearances, in His beauties, the more I find my heart and affections to prize Christ, to run after Christ, to be affected with Christ, and to be wonderfully endeared to Christ.

            ‘God forbid that I should glory in anything, save in Christ Jesus.’ Oh, God forbid that my heart should be affected or taken with anything in comparison of Christ.  The more I know Him, the more I like Him; the more I know Him, the more I love Him; the more I know Him, the more I desire Him; the more I know Him, the more my heart is knit unto Him.  His beauty is taking, His love is ravishing, His goodness is drawing, His manifestations are enticing, His person is enamoring.  His lovely looks please me, His pleasant voice delights me, His precious Spirit comforts me, His holy Word rules me and these things make Christ to be a heaven to me.

            Our church’s mission is “to lead all people to know and treasure Jesus above all things.”  This is what we’re aiming for-in our own hearts first, and then in the hearts of people from Lexington to the nations.


2 responses

  1. I can only say “amen” to that. What else is there. Let it be in me, Lord.

  2. In my humanity it is far too common to be captivated by so many things other than my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The seemingly “good things” that I clutter my life and heart with distract me from what should and must be the all-consuming passion of my life–to know and treasure Him in his fullness.

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