Drew’s Birthday, Prayer and Passion

             Today is my son Drew’s birthday.  He turns twenty years old today!  That is just astonishing to me.  It’s been 2 decades since a bouncing 11 lb  8 oz  boy arrived at 12:20pm on a  Monday afternoon at a hospital in Austell, GA.  They called it Black Monday (the stock market fell), but for us it was a marvelous, beautiful, astonishing, miraculous, world-changing, life-defining, heaven-sent, God-drenched day.

            Being a parent is quite the ride-full of questions, adventures, surprises, tears, struggles, fear, joy, laughter, aggravation and awe at the growth if this life.  So, we have walked through infancy, childhood and grade school, adolescence and middle school, teenage years and high school. We’ve moved from baby face to acne battles to sharing shaving cream.  And today, we leave behind the teenage years for good as Drew continues to grow into a man.

            I thought today about a prayer I wrote for Drew on the day he started his earth journey.  I prayed that he would come to know and love Jesus.  That he would have a passion for Jesus, and would follow Him with a whole heart.  And that he would be marked by overflowing joy.  That’s part of what I prayed in faith for my son that day.

            And tonight, I am in Chicago celebrating Drew’s birthday.   You know what he wanted for his birthday?  To come to the regional Passion Conference to worship and hear preaching by Louis Giglio and John Piper.  Really.  So, tonight I say next to my son and sang, “His grace is enough…Our God is mighty to save… how wonderful! how marvelous! Is my Savior’s love for me”. We heard a message about the largeness of God’s grace in Jesus, and sat quietly before the cross–together.

            Tonight, I’m sitting next to my adult son, who knows and loves Jesus with all his heart, has sensed of a call to ministry himself-and every person he meets will tell you that he is marked by overflowing joy. God has abundantly answered that prayer from an Oct. 19 all those years ago. 

            So, mostly I am speechless with gratitude to my heavenly Father.

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  1. Paula Says:
    As the other person who has been there through these wonderful 20 years, I have to amen this. Since before his birth, David has always been able to put into words the feelings I am having re Drew and my thankfulness to Father for this life. I’m not really sad at saying good-bye to the teen years. I am too busy trying to keep up with my son and his infectious joy over life and the glorious adventure of a heart captured by Christ. Drew always teaches me so much. Thanks be to God who allows me to say I am his mother…Paula

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