Giving Thanks for Things Hidden in Plain Sight

 Giving thanks for things that are hidden in plain sight…

                        + sunsets with clouds sweeping purple, red and orange.

                        + the alphabet and words

                        + the nuzzle of a cold dog’s nose

                        + the sound of the door opening when your child

                                  comes home from college

                        + pecan and chocolate pies from scratch

                        + saltine crackers

                        + the feel of running downhill after running uphill

                        + cinnamon toast

                        + quirky movies that make me laugh

                        + hearing “Make Our Garden Grow” from Bernstein’s Candide

                        + being surprised by tears

                        + the smell of fresh paint or freshly mown grass

                        + coming home and calling out to Paula

                        + enjoying the wonder of fall foliage after years in Florida

                        + haircuts

                        + getting reacquainted with old friends

                        + cell phones

                        + discovering an author-especially in an old book store

                        + meeting new people-especially Christian believers

                        + missionaries in gospel-closed countries

                        + impressionist Frank Caliendo-he makes me giggle.

                        + stars visible from my back porch

                        + The Passion movement

                        + the mute switch on the remote

                        + deep breathing

                        + wondering

                        + socks that stay up

                        + the skyline-and energy– of big cities

                        + our church – as it is (and as it will be)  

            “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights.” (James 1:17).  Life is all gift.  A stupendous grace.  God is good,


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