More Golden Compass

         The highly anticipated and feared (by some) movie The Golden Compass opens tomorrow. Now, some have actually seen the movie and offer some more insights for parents and others.
         + Al Mohler has read the entire series of books and previewed the movie. Here, he gives one of the most complete analyses I have seen. In part, he says, “The Golden Compass is an extremely attractive movie…The direct attack on Christianity and God is toned down in the movie. But any informed person will recognize the Magisterium as representing the Church and Christianity….”
          But he also counsels Christians to “take a deep breath. The Christian faith is not about to be toppled by a film, nor by a series of fantasy books. Pullman has an agenda that is clear, and Christians need to inform themselves of what this agenda is and what it means. At the same time, nothing would serve his agenda better than to have Christians speaking recklessly or unintelligently about the film or the books. This is about the battle of ideas and worldviews. While Christians will not celebrate the release of this film, we should recognize the mixture of challenge and opportunity that comes with millions of persons watching this film and talking about the issues it raises. When the movie is mentioned in the workplace, in school, on the playground, or in the college campus, this is a great opportunity to show that Christians are not afraid of the battle of ideas….
The Gospel of Jesus Christ has enemies; this we know. Christian parents must be informed about His Dark Materials and inform others. We must take the responsibility to use interest in this film to teach our own children to think biblically and to be discerning in their engagement with the media in all forms. We should arm our children to be able to talk about this project with their classmates without fear or rancor.
Philip Pullman has an agenda, but so do we. Our agenda is the Gospel of Christ — a message infinitely more powerful than that of The Golden Compass. ”

       +   Alan Jacobs does a thorough analysis of the books on which the the movie is based: Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials.

       +   At, there is an interview with Tony Watkins, author of Dark Matter, a book which examines the trilogy from a Christian perspective.  There is also a review by film critic Jeffery Overstreet.


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