Christmas Eve Meanderings

+ “The dogma of the Incarnation is the most dramatic thing about Christianity, and indeed, the most dramatic thing that ever entered the mind of man; but if you tell people so, they stare at you in bewilderment….”from the beginning of time until now, it is the only thing which has ever really happened…we may call this doctrine exhilarating or we may call it devastating, we may call it revelation or we may call it rubbish…but if we call it dull then what in heaven’s name is worth calling exciting?”  (Dorothy Sayers)

+     In The Last Battle, C.S. Lewis writes, ” It seems, said Tirian, that the Stable seen from within and the Stable seen from without are two different places.” ” Yes, said Lord Digory, “its inside is bigger than its outside.” “Yes”, said Queen Lucy.” In our world, too, a Stable once had something inside it that was bigger than our whole world.”

+   And finally, the conclusion of Andrew Peterson’s Christmas work.  It celebrates both the beginning and the conclusion of all things.  The Child in the manger was the sum of God’s heartbeat “from the foundation of the world.”  So, rejoice. Delight. Wonder. Weep. Laugh. And be stunned for the scope of divine providence…

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