New Year’s Eve Meanderings, 12/31/07

         Yesterday morning we began our Prayer and Word week.  We’re focusing on the two core spiritual habits that help Christians grow as disciples-prayer and the intake of God’s Word.  If you want an additional perspective, check out Pastor Rod Thorn on The Secret to a Better Prayer Life, or Don Whitney on the choice to discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness.

                + I mentioned New Year’s resolutions and the need to make resolutions to help you take the next step as a disciple of Jesus.  Check out this thoughtful article on How To Make New Year’s Resolutions.  

               + Then, if you didn’t get a copy of “My i4 Disciple Pursuits for 2008”,  walk through the following…

My i4  Disciple Pursuits for 2008

            Our mission is to lead all people to know and treasure Jesus above all things by encouraging and equipping disciples who joyfully pursue…

intimacy with God

          + When and where will I keep a daily appointment with God?

          + How will I deepen and broaden my prayer life?

          + What is my plan for reading the Bible?

           (check out

            and )

       + How will I engage more passionately in corporate worship? Do I need to

             be more faithful in worship attendance on the Lord’s Day?

         + How will I record (a journal?) and respond to God’s promptings

              to my heart?

         + What else is the Father saying to me in this area?

interaction with believers  

            + How will I express love to others in this faith family by my speech,

                actions and attitude?

            + In what specific ways can I help our church family remain unified?

            + Have I become actively involved with a Sunday morning  Life Group?

                  When will I start?

            + What Christian friendships do I need to pursue for encouragement and

                 accountability in my walk with Jesus?

            + How will I serve others in my  faith-family?

            + How can I more enthusiastically and practically express my commitment

                to the people and mission of my church?

            + Which person(s) in our church will I get to know better? How?

            + What else is the Father saying to me in this area?

imitation of Jesus  

            + What Biblical doctrine or teaching do I need to study for better


            + What verses of Scripture do I need to memorize and “hide in my heart’?

            + Which fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:19-20) needs to be more consistently

                 evident in my life?

            + What attitude, belief or opinion that I hold needs to be examined in light

                of God’s Word?

            + Which non-fiction Christian books will I read?

            + What pattern of behavior needs to be adjusted so that it is more like


            + What else is the Father saying to me in this area?

influence in your world  

            + In what specific ways will I be more evidently Christian at home, work

              or school?

            + How can I influence my closest neighbors towards Christ?

            + Which far-from-God friends will I pray for and seek to share the good

                 news of Jesus with?

            + Which ministry will I serve with my gifts and talents?

            + In what way will I be involved in serving the Kingdom outside our

                church, especially among the poor and needy?
            + Do I need to prepare to be part of a Victory mission trip?

            + How will I take the next step in the Jesus-treasuring stewardship of my

                financial resources? 

           + What does the Lord want me to do about faithfully giving tithes and

               offerings to support our church’s mission and ministry budget?

             + How do I need to pray, become more informed or involved with

                 spreading the gospel among unreached peoples of the world?

            + What else is the Father saying to me in this area?

Happy New Year!

 Ps– shameless pat on the back: Ponder Anew was named to Internet Monk‘s Top 10 Favorite Blogs of 2007.  Thanks, I-Monk!!


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