Tuesday Travelings ( Because I’m Late for Monday Meanderings)

          + Do you have an older teenager or young single adult in your world?  You might want to point them to the Boundless Show, a new podcast from the people at Focus on the Family who developed the popular Boundless magazine and webzine.  Reviews, interviews, music, issues, culture and more are discussed there.  A great resource for encouraging young people in their walk with Christ.

          + The Church of Oprah strikes again with its syncretistic, new age, everybody’s on the same path to fulfillment doctrine.  Oprah and her latest guru, Eckhart Tolle, are teaching Tolle’s book in an on-line class. It’s new age, Buddhist-lite, American-individualism discipleship and indoctrination of the worst sort.  Listen carefully to the following dialogue with a woman trying to reconcile her Christian beliefs with what Oprah is teaching.  Behold heresy!  (Note what is opened to us when we elevate what we “feel” over the solid truth of God-revealed doctrine.)

         + And now to another religious force in the world.  While it may not be in the headlines every day, Islamic terrorism is still a major force in the world.  It is closely tied to the idea of Islamization-the increasing pressure on non-Islamic cultures to adapt to Islamic demands.  We have just seen the tip of the iceberg here with things like a college in Michigan (I think) being forced to broadcast Islamic prayer calls from their bell tower and the controversy over a Florida woman who refused to remove her veil for a driver’s license photo.  In Europe, the pressure is much more intense.  Geert Wilders is a Dutch filmmaker who is anti-Islamist and has received numerous death threats for telling the truth about radical Islamic intentions.  His recent movie “Fitna” records the source of jihadist teachings and how some have lived them out-including the 9/11 attacks here in the US.   While the 17-minute movie has been removed from many sites under threat, you can still view it here.  (Warning: the movie does show some disturbing images of terrorist acts.)

          + The great Baptist pastor Charles Spurgeon was once asked the secret of his power in preaching. His response?  ‘My people pray for me.”  He knew his dependence on the prayers of the people for God’s Word to come alive in power each week.  A pastor reflects on what it means to “Pray for Those Who Preach.”  I know that I, too, long to be covered in prayer for preaching (and other things) each week.


3 responses

  1. […] Hat tip to David Head at Ponder Anew. […]

  2. Talk about feelings, I felt nauseous, angry and sad all in about 7 minutes. I pray that Oprah may see the light of the glory of God in the face of Jesus so that her influence may be used to spread the truth of God, not the lies of the Deceiver. And I also pray for those called to preach the truth of the gospel, that they may speak the truth clearly, boldly, and lovingly.

    In Christ alone,

  3. It amazes me how the enemy used one of God’s names (Jehovah Qanna – The Lord Who is Jealous) and takes a wildly popular woman and puts a doubt in her mind as to the authority of God, and His word. It is such a tiny ledge that we travel on. God’s Word and His Spirit is what keeps us on the path – not our spirit, not our feelings. When we equate our petty jealousies with a holy, righteous, all powerful God Who says He will not share His throne with another, we are definitely off the path. I, too, pray for Oprah and all the falsehoods that she is unleashing on the world. May those of us who know the truth be ready to give an answer.

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