Noticing Moments

     Sometimes life slows down and you notice things, like somebody pushed the pause button and you’re in a freeze-frame.

     I went to visit my dad in Western Kentucky over the past couple of days — both to check on him and mark Mother’s Day by visiting Mom’s gravesite with him.  There were a few of those moments for me along the way.

     There was the slow dance, maybe a waltz, of the leaves on the big oaks along the avenue.

     There was the nest full of baby robins and the gentle squawks and flutterings of the momma keeping other birds (and me) away.

     There was mist rising on the pond near the orchard…and kissing my cheek while walking.

     There was the eerie, rusting skeleton of the steel mill down by the river that used to hum with 24-hour shifts.

     There was the contented smile of my recently uprooted and soon-to-be 93-year-old grandmother.

     And there was silence – and Presence– in the car when I turned off the CD player for the drive home.

     I don’t know why I noticed those moments the way I did. They just snuck up on me.   It was like opening my senses to something just under the surface. Something that had been waiting to be noticed.

     Art Garfunkel (without Simon) wrote a song a few years ago.  I know he’s probably not a believer, but he captured this same idea:

Everything waits to be noticed
A tree falls with no one there
The full potential of a love affair
Everything waits to be noticed

Twenty-eight geese in sudden flight
The last star on the edge of the night
A single button come undone
The middle child, the prodigal son
Everything waits to be noticed
A trickle underneath a dam
The missing line from the telegram
Everything waits to be noticed

The whispering pains that say you’re living
The slow burn of not forgiving
The quiet room, the unlikely pair
The full potential of a love affair

Everything waits to be noticed

Longing for braver days
Cautiously turning a phrase
Going unnoticed

But everything waits to be noticed
The changing light in the upper air
The full potential of a love affair

Everything waits to be noticed

(Art Garfunkel, Buddy Mondlock & Maia Sharp, 2002-Manhattan Records)

             Jesus looked at 5 loves and a couple of sardines-and noticed a banquet.  He looked at a storm-tossed sea and noticed a pathway. He looked at a rough, impetuous fisherman and noticed a strong and singular leader. He looked at an outcast woman-and noticed a daughter of God who would change a city.  He looked at a tomb-and noticed life on the other side.

      Sometimes life is so fast and so full.  I think there may be more things like these going on-even eternal things-around me all the time.  I just need to pay better attention. So, like the blind man by the side of the road near Jericho, I cry out, ‘Lord, have mercy….let my eyes be opened.” (Matt.20:30,33). I want to notice moments.


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  1. me too, David – me, too.

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