Monday Meanderings, 06/02/08

Random  synapse firings from the web this week…                                                               

+ Quick, can you whistle the theme to the Andy Griffith Show? If so, you owe that tune that’s stuck in your head to Earle Hagen, who died last week at the age of 88.  He was a prolific composer of scores for television shows and movies, including I Spy, That Girl, and another one that gets in your head: Gomer Pyle, USMC.  

 + In response to the California court decision to legalize so-called same-sex marriages, New York Gov. David Paterson issued an executive order to all his state’s agencies, “instructing the agencies that gay couples married elsewhere ‘should be afforded the same recognition as any other legally performed union.'” He called it ” a strong step toward marriage equality“, and Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell enthused that “very shortly, there will be hundreds and hundreds and hundreds, and probably thousands and thousands and thousands of gay people who have their marriages recognized by the state”.  Welcome to the next stage of strategy or those who want to redefine marriage in our nation.  Note that it doesn’t require legislative action or a vote by the people-just an activist sympathizer in a place of power.

+ Does this scarf scare you?  Worn by Rachel Ray in an ad for Dunkin’ Doughnuts, the scarf became the target of some conservative wags.  They said that the fringed black and white scarf looked too much like the kaffiyeh favored by many Middle Eastern people, especially the late Palestinian leader Yassar Arafat.  They further insisted that it offered symbolic support for Muslim extremism and terrorism. 

               Really? Are you kidding me? A scarf in an iced coffee commercial?  What terror alert color does that warrant?   Since many of our troops serving in desert regions use the same sort of scarf to battle sandstorms, what does that make them?  I am growing increasingly weary of the form of “journalism” that just finds something new -from either the left or the right-to be ticked off about every day.

 + Bob Buford made millions as a cable television pioneer.  A committed Christian, he then decided to invest his money and use the second half of his life to “unleash the latent energy in American Christianity” through the formation of Leadership Network. He wrote the book Half-Time and Game Plan, introducing the concept of moving from “success to significance.”  Buford is an unusually insightful writer and thinker. He’s writing his next book on-line, with each “chapter” as an e-mail posting, with reflective questions. Check out his web site here. 

            + Good news from & about the SBC from Paul Chitwood, pastor of FBC, Mt. Washington, Ky and current Chairman of the Trustees of the International Mission Board. He writes, “The work of the IMB is the primary thing that brings us together. While the statistical analysis — and the analysis of the analysis — of the current state of the Southern Baptist Convention continues, I fear the most important statistics are escaping. Is there any good news to tell concerning the work that brought us, and yet holds us, together? Indeed there is. The number of Southern Baptist missionaries serving overseas is 5,359. Our most recent statistical analysis reveals overseas baptism totals at an all-time high of 609,968. The number of new believers being discipled overseas totaled 567,413, another all-time high. Last year’s new churches overseas totaled 25,497. You guessed it — an all-time high.

When it comes to missions, the sky is not falling. It is exploding — with opportunity. So get on a plane, take to the skies and help spread the Gospel among the nations. It’s still a good day to be a Southern Baptist. In fact, analyzing the statistics, it’s the best day to be a Southern Baptist.” (HT: Ed Stetzer)

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