Twisted: Guest post by Drew Head

Before reading further, watch this movie trailer…

Now that you have watched the video, I am pretty sure you can guess how the rest of this is going to go. I was utterly shocked and amazed when I saw this video. It is a new low for a world that hates the Christian message.

For those of you who have never seen the “Saw” movies, let me give you a quick synopsis. There is a man who has taken it upon himself to rid the world of the people he deems unappreciative of the life they live. So he makes these torture devices and puts these people through extreme amounts of pain in order to force them to appreciate their life. If they don’t make it through the pain, they die. It is completely gruesome and shows a complete love for death. People are dying, limbs being torn from their bodies, and people of all ages and cheering and giving 8-10 bucks to see this 2 hr spectacle.

These movies show death the whole time and usually have a good twist at the end. That’s how they draw people in. How do I know this? I have seen some of the movies. Does that make me a hypocrite for writing this criticism now? Maybe, but before you write me off, hear me out. The movie does have an interesting story line but it has never crossed the line like it has in the trailer that you watched earlier. Taking lines from “Be Thou My Vision” and twisting them to say that a murderous psychopath’s “message is righteous,” and that “his love is everlasting” and that “his gift is life” is directly attacking Christianity and twisting the message. Yet, I know personally many Christians flocking to go see this opening night. Does this not bother anyone else besides me?

Why does it bother me?  Number one, Christians are paying to watch torture. Number 2, they are completely destroying the Christian message that we cling to and violating the call to holiness (See Philippians 4:8).

There is one form of torture that intrigues me, however. The government would take a criminal and put him in a crowd with thousands of people who hated him and they would spit on him and beat on him. The he was beaten by officers. This isnt any typical back alley beating, either. They would whip him with leather strips on which they tied broken glass, bits of stone, razors, fishing hooks and any other sharp object that you can think of. As they would whip, they would let the sharp objects sink into the skin then rip violently, tearing chunks of skin away from the mans shaking body. A couple of slashes would be enough you would think, but it wasn’t until after the guards arms where too tired to whip that they stopped. After all of that they would place a crown of thorns on his head firmly and to make sure that it was on there tight, they beat him in the head with a stick to ensure that the thorns sunk deeply in his brow.

That would be enough to kill any man right? The only thing is, this isn’t just any other man. This is Jesus. Our King and Savior. After all of that, you know what happens next. He has a huge piece of wood thrown on his back and he has to carry the wood for miles till he reaches his death place. He is placed on the cross. The nails don’t go into the hands like some pictures proclaim. They nails go into the wrists, to prevent the person from having their hand ripped off and falling off the cross. They place a slanted piece of wood at your feet to give you some support but to make sure that your feet dont slip, they put a huge nail through both of your feet. Medically, there isnt any fatal damage done to your organs, so you won’t die quickly. Isn’t that nice? You stand there for hours and hours with this immense pain and your thoughts. Eventually you start to get weak and no longer able to stand on the wood, so you slouch down, putting more pressure on your wrists. Your breathing starts to increase and you have to pull yourself up by the nails through your wrists in order to breathe. After hours of this you dont even have the energy to do this. So your lungs start to fill up with blood, which leads to you drowning in your own blood. (See Matthew 26:47 – 27:61)

A good mental image huh? You don’t see that form of torture in the Saw movies though. Why? Because of the meaning for the death. What they don’t know about Jesus’ death is what happened 3 days later. Our Savior and King, broken for you and me rose from the dead. He conquered death, took the wrath of God off our shoulders and placed it on his.

During this Halloween time, I am not saying don’t see any scary movie because you only need to focus on Jesus. Yes, you can take a lot of the movies, tv, radio, and songs out there today and find something Biblically wrong with it. However, I hope you can see why something like this movie trailer has broken my heart. What I am saying is guard your hearts because if Christians support something that so carelessly slanders the message of the cross then we are horribly mistaken in our thought of what being a Christian truly means.

Do not let (and especially support) a fallen world who is twisting a holy message. We are called out to be lights for God in this dark world. “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”


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