OK, I know I’ve committed to keep this blog as apolitical as possible. But this is a vitally important election that could shape our nation for decades. So, consider these things…


+ Disciples have an obligation to act as gospel-saturated agents of God’s Kingdom –even in their role as citizens. And no, that is not calling for a theocracy.

+ Disciples have an obligation to not act as political party hacks or advance scouts for someone’s conservative political theory. 

+ Disciples have an obligation to not act as an evangelical voting bloc taking orders from Wheaton, Orlando, Lynchburg or Colorado Springs.   Each is an independent agent, responsible before God for his (her) vote.

+ Disciples have an obligation to think deeply about the issues prior to their vote and realize that not all issues are equivalent in their moral and ethical implications. In other words, global warming, tax policy and abortion may all indeed be life issues—but it’s difficult to make a Biblical case that they are equal in morality.

+ Thus, disciples may, in fact, be single-issue voters, and at the same time be fair, thoughtful, Biblically-consistent people of integrity.


            Having said that, before you vote, please listen to or read Russell Moore’s recent sermon Joseph Is a Single Issue Evangelical: The Father of Jesus, the Cries of the Helpless and Change You Can Believe In. Read this disturbing commentary and this interesting one. . Then watch this brief video.  (Warning: it is horrifying and disturbing—but true) 


            + Disciples trust the sovereign hand of God in raising up leaders (Dan. 4;25, Is. 40:23) and refuse falling into fatalism, cynicism, gloating or triumphalism.

            + Disciples gladly obey the call of God to offer  “supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings….for kings and all those in high positions.” (1Tim. 2:1-2)

            So, pray…think…pray…and vote.

            Then, no matter the headlines on November 5, rest in the fact that the King of Glory is still on His throne. And that is cause for joy.



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