A Sense of Something

kbc            I attended the Kentucky Baptist Convention meeting this week in Lexington.  It was a little weird.  I haven’t been to many denominational gatherings in recent years.  There are a number of reasons for that, not the least of which is that denominational meetings have tended to be marked by two unfavorable things: mind-numbing boredom and a musty sense of irrelevancy.

            But this one was different.  Of course, Kentucky Baptists have managed to avoid a significant amount of the squabbles that tear at the Baptist family in many states.  Somehow, we have found ways to cooperate on the things that matter most and keep moving forward in Kingdom mission. So, it’s nice to have a meeting without red-faced guys clamoring for microphone number 3 and intensely whispered hallway conversations.  There was a sweet joy in simply telling the story of what the Lord has been doing in lives touched  by Jesus when Baptists link arms and share resources.

            But even yet…this one was different.  Why?  It was different because of the worship.  At every point, there was a sense of longing for breakthrough. Two messages were astonishing.  Pastor Kevin Smith from Louisville preached with the courage of a prophet, a ringing call for us to refuse “going through the motions’ and commit to bearing fruit for the honor of Jesus. (Listen or watch) Pastor David Platt from Brook Hills church in Birmingham, AL simply and passionately reminded us of what it costs to spread the glory of Jesus to the nations—and that it was worth it.  He said, “Jesus is worthy of all of our trust,” he said. “Jesus is worthy of all of our plans and dreams. Jesus is worthy of all of our affections.” (Listen or watch)

            But I told you this one was different. 

            At the end of the last message, there was a quiet, non-emotional appeal to pray.  That we would live for the spread of His glory alone to the peoples of the world who desperately need to know His glory.  

            Within seconds, the front of the church was filled with people—mostly pastors—on their faces before the Lord.  Some were prostrate.  You could hear the sound of uncontrolled weeping, the overflow of broken hearts.  Cracked voices raised to sing…

                        Were the whole realm of glory mine,

                        That were a present far too small,

                        Love so amazing, so divine,

                        Demands my life, my soul, my all.


                        Oh, the wonderful cross

                        Oh, the wonderful cross

                        All who gather here

by grace draw near

                                    And bless Your name

                        Oh, the wonderful cross

\                       Oh, the wonderful cross

                        Bids me come and die

                                    And find that I

                                    May truly live.

Even after the song, there was a lingering quiet.  No one wanted to leave.

You just got the sense of something stirring in many hearts.  Call it renewal.  Call it revival. Call it the Spirit.  Call it holy.

Call it something—and pray it continues.


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