Advent Resources: Still not too late

1_1Advent started last Sunday.  It’s a great season of preparing our hearts for the Festival of the Incarnation, otherwise known as Christmas.  It’s listening to the echoes of prophets. It’s hushed anticipation of a miracle.  It’s a refusal to allow ourselves to become jaded to the wonder; a refusal to allow the extraordinary to be redefined as merely ordinary.

            So, it’s worth some time of focused prayer and reflection.  It’s not too late; you’ve got about 3 weeks left.  Use one or more of the following resources…

            Christianity Today Advent calendar – images, poetry, Scripture and other materials for each day of the Advent season.


            Living Between Two Advents: The Rabbit Room Virtual Advent Wreath—reflections and meditations on Advent from Andrew Peterson and others in this community.  (This is the intro—look for week one and two on the same site)


            Mark Roberts’ Advent Calendar 2008daily Scripture and images.


            Christ the King Presbyterian Church, Raleigh, NC – daily Scripture, devotion, prayer and hymns from a local church. ( I haven’t read / vetted every entry, but this is a great example of what a local church can do.  I would include a Baptist church here, but I can’t find one on-line)



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  1. Good job. I’ll be checking in on those links.

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