The Power of a Gentle Witness

Penn Jillette is one of the most vocal, vicious, intelligent and articulate atheists in the world. The Las Vegas illusionist has a platform and is not afraid to use it to espouse his anti-God and anti-Christian views.

In our everyday worlds, as we try to share Jesus’ gospel, we may never encounter someone like Jillette. But please listen to this account of how one Christian man’s simple, honest attempt to reach Penn seemed to genuinely touch him. 




            Notice a few things.  The guy affirmed Penn.  Everybody likes to be applauded.  Lead with affirmation and a lost person is more likely to listen.

            At least twice (maybe three times), Penn says, “He looked me in the eye.” There is a certain power in simple, authentic, human connection.  Try not to read the 4 laws gospel off the back walls of your brain.  Look her in the eye.

            And then, just spend a few minutes hearing this from a lost person: “How much do you have to hate somebody not to proselyte them?”  Then go pray for more genuine love for the spiritually lost in your world.   And  dare to tell them the good news.   


2 responses

  1. He’s stubborn in his beliefs but I think a seed may have been planted by this very good man that shared God’s word. Be genuine and kind and encouraging to others so that we may still have hope.

  2. How much do you have to hate someone… That is a powerful and true statement. I have a friend who is an IMB Missionary. He works with African Muslims in Vancouver. He told me that he had lost the respect of a Muslim friend because he waited to share the Gospel with him. “I respect that you are a spiritual man, but I do not respect your religion. If it really meant something to you, you would have told me sooner,” he said.

    We must speak the Gospel with respect, honesty, and urgency. Thanks for this post.

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