“This Child” –a plea to our President

            I haven’t commented on the inauguration this week for a couple of reasons. First political / social commentary is done more and better by others. Then, every movement and word of this week has been examined ad nauseum since last weekend.  But I want to point out two large themes that I think will be played out with impact on our culture in the weeks and months to come.

            The first is the abortion issue.  President Obama has made significant pledges to abortion supporters who supported his candidacy.  He has pledged to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, which would reverse / over-rule most limitations on abortion enacted at the state level such as parental notification for minors and the ban on the horror of partial-birth abortion. Today, he signed executive orders releasing federal funds for abortion counseling and providers in nations that receive federal aid and lifted restrictions on research with human embryos. So, as of right now, you tax dollars are funding aspects of the pro-choice agenda.

            To his credit, President Obama has also talked about wanting to find common ground. Nothing he has said or done yet indicates he is willing to step a toe into the pro-life yard, but we’ll see.

            With all that and the momentous events of the past week in mind, watch this remarkable piece.  Then pray that our President will consider godly wisdom and values in his actions.



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  1. Wow. Captivating clip.

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