Odd Day….or not

may calendarToday is Odd Day.  This date, 05/07/09 is one of only six days this century that consists of all odd numbers. The mathematician who is promoting the day reminds folks that it is “a great day to do your odds ‘n ends, give a friend a high-five, root for the odds-on-favorite, read the Wizard of Odds, watch the Odd Couple, say aaaahd in the doctor’s office, look for sea odders, find that missing odd sock, and beat the odds.”


            All for the sake of some numbers on a calendar. Because of some numbers on a calendar, somebody –some very left-brained somebodies – are throwing a party somewhere.  There’s a smile for a moment. Another will say, “that’s…odd” or just shake their head and go “hmmmm.”  They might send an e-card or change their Facebook status.  All for the numbers on a calendar. 

            The Bible says that “all your days were written down in God’s book before one of them came to be.”  All of them. Not just your birthday or your graduation day or your wedding day or your work day or even tax freedom day.  Heaven’s touch is on your most ordinary day.

            Psalm 90:12 prays, “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Number your days. Notice them, pay attention to them, Name them, even!  Take note– not just of the numbers on the calendar as they pass by – but of sunshine and rain, dances and stumbles, hot dogs and prime rib, laughter and tears, trash and treasures, wisdom and stupidity, breakdowns and breakthroughs, faith and doubt, embraces and loneliness, Sunday afternoon naps and sleep-deprived nights, history and what’s now.

            Your days aren’t odd—really.  They are wonder-full, near miraculous and worth at least a moment of delight.  Go ahead and dance—just because it’s your day.


One response

  1. You are right…a day isn’t special just because Hallmark or another “day-namer” proclaims it so. Each sunrise we receive from our Father’s hand is to be delighted in, met with hope and joy, and lived in fullness of His purposes for the gift.

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