Next Sunday, we officially launch the ‘Take the Plunge” summer ministry emphasis at our church.  It’s a mixture of teaching, ministry, fellowship and just plain fun stuff for our faith-family and our friends.

Of course, our church setting is in the suburbs and our members live in the suburbs.  Steve McCoy does a lot of good thinking about gospel ministry in the suburbs at sub-text.  His latest post –Summerbia—  has some good ways to think about using the summer months for the sake of Christ. Here’s a sample, but the whole thing is worth reading.

As suburban Christians who are looking to love our neighbors summer offers us so many opportunities to connect with them..So summer is an ideal time to connect with new folks in your suburb as we enjoy the weather and the culture around us….

            + Be a participant:  Get involved in the life of your suburb….

             + Be a servant:  serve as a coach…help with a summer play….If you   serve, do it well…

              + Be hospitable:  Have a cookout…Introduce people. If you are bringing folks together who don’t already know each other, and you should, make sure you introduce them so they all feel comfortable….

Good suggestions–try something new as you live Jesus with your friends  all summer.


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  1. This proved true for our family when David coached his son’s t-ball team (yes, that was years ago, but still valid). We had at least two families attend our church because of David’s coaching and encouragement to the kids and David and Drew’s interaction. It works! Try it!

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