Who’s Got Talent?

        I’m always amazed at the stuff that gets on America’s Got Talent  For the most part, it’s singing families, wacky dancers, new vaudeville acts and trained monkeys.  Add David Hasselhoff, and it’s mostly tacky and downright embarrassing– even though a Kentucky chicken farmer/ country crooner won last year.

        The reason I say that is the comparison of the contestants on talent shows of much smaller countries. Britain’s Got Talent gave us Susan Boyle, that kid who was supposed to sing with Michael Jackson and Leona Lewis– and the general acts surrounding them weren’t half bad. 

        Then I came across this video from Ukraine’s Got Talent. Ukraine!!  Who knew?  Suddenly I am even more afraid for our culture.  The difference in taste, artistic appreciation and what passes for applause- and- tears-worthy talent is utterly astonishing. 

   Kseniya Simonova was the winner of the 2009 Ukraine’s Got Talent competition.  Her sand painting set to music depicts scenes from Russia’s battle with the Third Reich during World War 2.  Note the faces– especially of older generations.

Two more here:


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