The Church in Haiti

      In the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti,we have heard and seen many stories of the devastating impact on the people there:  multiple thousands dead, often buried in mass graves; hundreds of children orphaned; homes and businesses reduced to rubble; food, water and medical supplies in short supply; unrest in the streets, and more. There has been a massive outpouring of humanitarian support from the international community to meet those human needs.  Southern Baptists have been involved in those efforts.

        When we think about this from a Kingdom and gospel perspective, we must ask: what about the Church in Haiti?  While voodoo has a stronghold in many minds, there is a vibrant Christian presence & witness in Haiti. What has happened to our brothers and sisters?

       Pastor James MacDonald ( Harvest Bible Church, Chicago) and Pastor Mark Driscoll (Mars Hill Church, Seattle) were prompted of the Lord to investigate that question.  They traveled to Haiti specifically to explore what was happening to and with the churches where pastors and/or people are dead or scattered, buildings are demolished, services interrupted.

        In this video, Pastor Driscoll describes what they saw in a few hours in Haiti.  It is sobering and (be forewarned) disturbing.  But it is worth watching– and praying through. Don’t miss the photo montage to a hymn at the end.

A new organization,  Churches Helping Churches has been formed so that we can help our brothers and sisters.  It is based on one key verse: “Let us do good to everyone, but especially to those of the household of faith.”  (Gal.6:10)


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