There Are No Words


                       There are no words to adequately describe…

 …sharing a fire or a blanket with the same person on a thousand cold nights; 

…another who giggles or belly laughs at the exact same weird moments as you;

…finding someone who gets the same chills and wonder over the beauty of art or music or a sunset;

…knowing that your soul is knit to another, and that both are knit to the God of the ages and nothing will separate you from His love; 

…someone who has mixed bitter tears with yours and held the pieces of your broken heart

…sharing long conversations that stir mind and heart, and maybe even more, the times when silence speaks our hearts most eloquently;

… writing a story of a lifetime where your two hands, held by a Third, trace each chapter, sentence, word, letter and punctuation mark; 

…living adventure and boredom, ordinary and special, comedy and tragedy with the same person—and knowing you could never dream of anyone else holding your hand through it all. 

…shared memories that deepen a foundation under decades of life together—and fill bright scrapbooks of our journey’s days;

….whispered dreams of the heart that you dare not share outside the circle of “us”, but that light your horizons with hope; 

…the certain, never-a-reason-to-doubt, faithfulness to a promise made on a December day to “have and to hold, in riches and poverty, sickness and health, ;til death do us part”;

…benefitting from a wisdom—practical, real, true, godly—from the heart most near and the friend most dear; 

…joy that never waits on right circumstances to laugh heaven’s laughter and calls forth your own;

…faith in God that holds strong—stubborn, teeth-gritting, fists on one thin Word-promise– when yours falters into doubt and pillow-curses in the night; 

…the deep gratitude of knowing that you would never have lived the life you’ve lived without the one next to you—believing in you, encouraging, prodding;

….being loved—really, deeply, truly, passionately loved…and loving—really, deeply, truly, passionately loving.

                   There are no words to describe all that for me…except one…


                                              You, dear,  have my heart.

            I love you—more than you know and more than any words can say…



2 responses

  1. Oh, what a marvelous gift I’ve been given in David. Thank You, precious Father.

  2. I often ponder at the how’s of God — that way back when He understood the heart of two people that would be joined as one. After 42 years I am amazed most days at what a wonderful gift God selected for me. The road has not always been easy but you are correct the union of a God given husband and wife — gives us a glimpse of what perfect love is all about — “that when one cries the other one taste the salt from their tears”.

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