Five Reasons Why I Love My New Hometown

Our family recently relocated to Shelbyville, KY, a small town of about 12,000 in the upper Bluegrass region about 30 miles east of Louisville.  Shelbyville is the county seat of Shelby County; both are named after Kentucky’s first governor, Isaac Shelby.

While it was once largely rural, with an economy driven by farming, Shelbyville is now a bedroom community to Louisville, with an economy mixed between light industry,  farming and small businesses, not to mention Claudia Sanders Dinner House (yes, it’s that Sanders). And since this is Kentucky, Shelbyville is also in the center of an area that boasts itself to be the “American Saddlebred capital of the world.”

We’re just getting settled in, but I’ve already found some reasons to love our new hometown.  This is just a start…

 + People wave. Especially when you pass people driving on country roads or are in the front yard when people walk or drive by, they wave hello.  It’s just friendly and welcoming.

 +People stop for funerals.  When in a funeral procession, it is not unusual for dozens of cars to pull to the side of the road and stop until the procession passes. In a hurried, individualistic and often cynical world, it’s a beautiful expression of simple respect for the passing of a life and the sense of our connectedness as a community.

 + The stars.  Not the celebrities at the Derby this weekend, but the real ones in the sky.  Without the ambient light of the city, stars can fill the eyes and stir wonder.

 + Our hot dog stand. Right on the town square across from the courthouse, we have a hot dog stand.  New York has nothing on us!  (We have a non-Starbucks coffee house and book shop, too!)

 + Our Highland Church faith-family.  Genuine, welcoming, loving, and laughing the laughter of the redeemed.  I can’t wait to see where the journey takes us!

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