Unbidden Tears

Have you ever experienced a moment

when tears sprang unexpectedly

 to your eyes?

It’s not full-blown weeping.

It may only be a single tear,

one that never even tracks

down your cheek.

It’s silent. 


Nobody else may know.

But you know.

Suddenly, you’re crying.


What calls quiet tears to your eyes?

Bumping into take-your-breath away beauty.

Nostalgia for some past event or relationship.

Heart streaks of grief or loss.

Watching another person’s joy, or feeling their pain.

Wonder that no words express.




But why do those tears come—

wet and stinging, yet

surprising and right–

  to your eyes?


Unbidden tears

are like someone is watching

just around a corner and

begins whispering,

“Psst!  Over here.”


Only the someone is Someone.

In unbidden tears, God

the Holy Spirit

draws near


simply invites me to

turn aside and listen

to the deeper places in me.


Or maybe it’s a call to listen

for the deeper places,

where deep calls to deep

under the steady roar of His waterfall

beneath the clatter

of my every ordinary day.


Unbidden tears mean my Father

has something to say to my soul.

And so I am learning to listen,

to pay attention when

tears leak from my eyes

in odd moments.


Why?  Because if he keeps

my tears in His bottle,

none are meaningless.


And if he means to

dry them all someday,

there is hope in

noticing their dampness now.


One response

  1. What has brought tears to your eyes lately?
    I’ve found that sweetness does it for me more than pain.

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