Receiving God’s Word for the First Time

    Last year, the Kimyal people of Indonesia ( who are near our people group, the Jambi) received the Bible in their heart language for the first time. 

     Watch this– and listen for the whisper of the Spirit.  The lessons are too many to enumerate, but in less than 10 minutes prepare to…

        …be humbled

       … rejoice

       …weep for joy

      … express gratitude


     …adjust your view of how big the gospel is

    …reevaluate your view of the written Scriptures

     …be reenergized for our call to global disciple-making

     …have your heart knit together brothers and sisters you never knew you had and will only see around Jesus’ throne.

                  ” …. the word of our God will stand forever”  ( Is. 40:8)

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