From Our “Oh, Puh-leaz!” Department

Item 1:  We may be dooming our children to virtual existence in front of a screen instead of enjoying real life, real friends, real fun— and (gasp!) actual imagination. 

                  This news from New York is disturbing, besides being just plain stupid. Freeze tag? Really?

Item 2: Does anybody really care if Camilla Parker Bowles is nervous about Kate Middleton taking her place in public affections of people in Britain?  Or about the dude who is grooming the horses for the carriages? A Kate and William commemorative Pez dispenser is selling for $13,600! Again, the fascination with all things Britishly royal, and the amount of money and brain space being used for a  wedding of the grandson of a  symbolic monarch is astonishing. 

                               Can anybody ‘splain this to me?


Item 3:  Bobby Knight needs to go away now.  His latest dig at University of Kentucky basketball players and coaches is full of lies.  One of the players he accused of not attending class while playing in the NCAA was Patrick Patterson, who graduated in three years!  Age and opinion doesn’t include the right to say whatever you want, whether it is true or not.  (At least our coach sat in his chair and didn’t toss it)

Item 4: One more  It has been reported that a schol district in the Northwest has instructed schools not to have Easter Egg hunts.  They can still search for hidden eggs, only they must be referred to as“spring spheres”. Really.                                                             

I’m done now.  Thanks for listening.


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