Ponder Slices: Book Geek Edition

The new Mansueto Library at the University of Chicago is a remarkable piece of engineering. The glass domed building contains no book stacks, but only seating areas and desks.  So, how does one get a book?  Watch this…


3 responses

  1. …guess that is progress…but some of my most enjoyable reading has been from books that I found while browsing the stacks…little serendipity finds…but I guess reading as I have known/loved it is changing at the speed of light, what with electronic readers like Kindle and Nook, and e-books that load right into my PC. All I know is that, as the commercial says, “…by book, or by Nook…” I will always be reading!

    1. yes, Lindy.. I love the browsing part, too. Some of the best stuff is next to the books I started looking for!

  2. It would have been better if the book in question could shoot up a tube, like at the bank, and plop down right on your desk like a warm pop-tart fired out of a tightly-wound toaster.

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