Prayer Declares War on Self-Sufficiency

As we move through our church’s prayer revival this week, I have been meditating a lot on prayer and what it means to the life of our soul and the mission of our church.

I came across this from a recent sermon by Mark Driscoll, in which he asserts  that churches can get so busy doing more for Jesus that we slide into building our own little kingdom rather than His forever Kingdom.

So, Driscoll says,

 “Prayer is a declaration of war on self-sufficiency, as we become more and more dependent on God.

                  + It’s war on independence because you have to admit that you can’t do it alone.

                + It’s war on self-importance as you praise something greater.

                + It’s a declaration of war on anxiety as you trust that God will provide.
                + It’s a war on the temporary pleasures that the world has to offer around us, as we praise the Giver of all gifts above his gifts as an end in themselves.

                 + It’s a declaration of war on the frantic pace of life that all of us fall into as we take time to be still and to think and to listen and to try to hear from God and what he has for us.

                  + It’s a declaration of war on justification by results as you have to acknowledge that it’s God who works in you.

                   + It’s a declaration of war on cynicism and unbelief as we step out in faith that he hears and answers.”

Prayer helps us battle the tendency to go our own way, even in the work that bears the name of Jesus.


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  1. crosscenteredliving | Reply

    You should read the Poem “Prayer” by George Herbert.

    Pretty solid description of all the things that Prayer can offer a person.

    I think sometimes we struggle with prayer because we just think of it as hitting the ceiling because we don’t see immediate results, but prayer does so much more than just offer results for our wish list. Great stuff!!

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