I’m going to take a blogging break.


I have nothing to say right now and even less time to say it.


My mind is jumbled; true pondering is rare.


My spirit is weary.


So, I need to be quiet for awhile, so I can hear the whisper that thunders.


When I sense the Spirit’s nudging, I hope to be here again.


I hope you’ll come back by sometime.




4 responses

  1. God bless you with a refreshing and renewing Spirit… I praise Him for Ponder Anew

  2. Dear David,
    I was saddened reading your last post as I sensed a note of discouragement in your wording. I feel somewhat responsible since despite having been ministered by your posts, I have consistently failed to leave you “comments” of encouragement.
    David, as an old friend, I want you to know that I care. As a minster, I’m certain that you experience stresses that we lay people can never imagine. Dealing with people can sometimes be the most difficult of tasks. It’s a wonder that our Lord continues to put up with us.
    David, I pray that Jesus will minister to your needs. You have served as a pastor for many years, and I’m sure, at times, you feel that you are preaching to the wind. But please remember that the seeds you plant may be watered by someone else and harvested yet by another. You will probably never know how you have impacted God’s kingdom until that day you bow before His throne. So don’t give up and don’t grow weary…

  3. Pastor Head,

    I found this post after following a internet trail that began with a Michael Spencer podcast. Thank you for the beautiful eulogy presented for Michael. I shed tears reading the entire eulogy.
    Though I have just come across Michael Spencer’s podcasts, and disappointed with his passing, his and yours are very engaging and have a depth to a discussion that is grounded in the Holy Spirit. God Bless you and your family, may your “40 days” be period of refreshment and reinvigoration.

    In His Grip,

  4. I am missing your ponderings. Giving ardent, whishpered prayers for you.

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