Hi!  I’m David Head –a husband, father, son, brother, pastor,  missional strategist, musician, reader, biker and avid University of Ky basketball fan. But mostly, I’m an ordinary, messed-up guy who just can’t get over the grace, joy and hope Jesus gives to ordinary, messed-up people! Because of the wonder of that grace found in Jesus’ gospel, I orient my whole life around knowing and treasuring Jesus above all things, and the joy of inviting others to join me on that adventure.

I’ve been married to my best friend, Paula, for 31 years.  We have one son, Drew, who is pursuing a degree in Family Discipleship at Southern Seminary. We also share our home with Samson the Wonder Dog, a 70-lb Lab who thinks he’s a lap dog.

I have been a pastor for almost three decades.  My work includes teaching people to shape their lives by the truths, values and realties of the Bible; equipping other Christians to live their faith in their world with bold joy; and leading Jesus’ people to reach forgotten, left-out, hurting people with the love of Jesus. RightI have the joy of serving with the Highland Baptist Church (Shelbyville, KY) faith-family as we “lead all people to treasure, live and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ”. The thoughts on this blog are mine and not the official statements of our church. now,

            Ponder Anew existsto help Christians encounter the glory of God, the gospel of Jesus and the wonders of grace in slices of their ordinary everyday lives.  To peek backstage behind what everybody can sees in our lives to notice the sweet evidences of our Father’s grace to us that are often unnoticed. To stand at the corner of grace and now– and to let that vision of grace shape our hearts to gladly follow Jesus as the defining center of our lives. The title is one line from an old hymn: “ponder anew what the Almighty can do, if with His love He befriend you.”  Yes!

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8 responses

  1. It is so telling that you would post this now. Thank you for including me.

  2. David, Great to hear from you. We are already looking forward to future issues. Thanks for remembering us. Miss you on Thursday mornings. The door is always open. Hope your guys do well except when they play the Gators.

  3. David,

    Well done! I look forward to more postings in the times ahead. We still miss you and keep you in our prayers – I’m sorry I couldn’t be there to see you at Mt. Olive’s 170th anniversary service.

    Ya just had to to bring up the ‘Cats. I have to hope that Bruce Pearl and friends cause lots of pain for you on that one 🙂 Go Big Orange!

  4. David,
    My name is Brian, I’m a youth pastor in Texas who stumbled upon your blog after a google search of “missional suburbs”…i’m already really enjoying your posts. I’m preparing a sermon series on what it looks like to be missional in the suburbs, and would love your recommendations for books and articles. My contact info is on my blog; brianmccormack.wordpress.com
    looking forward to hearing from you. keep the great posts coming!

  5. David,

    Got your post off of imonk’s site. Glad to be able to check in from time to time. Hope you’re doing well. I see your Dad now and again. I pray for him. Great guy. Drop me a line sometime.

    God bless.

    Tim Hicks

  6. Hey David-

    Just found your blog while searching for something else. My question is-are you still posting on this blog or have you taken a breather/and are you still in Lexington.

    Stop by and visit a fellow-Kentuckian who happens to also be your bro in the Lord.

    John Paul Todd

    1. yes, I am still actively posting on this blog…Glad to have you join the conversation…blessings, John!

  7. Thanks, David, for your lovely review of my book! I’m happy that people are still enjoying Velma.


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